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System in Package (SiP) Solution

Providing high performance and functionality through the SiP platform by combining multiple active and passive components. Innovative solution to reduce the device size through design, process, and performance solutions.

Implementation of System in Package by embedding a multi chip, passive component and stacking process based on Fan-out Platform.
ㆍMultiple & Heterogeneous Die Integration
ㆍSpecific Embedded Passive Devices
ㆍExtremely Thin & Small form factor
ㆍPreformed Via Interconnection
ㆍMulti-layer RDL (Up to 4-metal layer) & Double-side RDL
ㆍFunctional - EMI shield & Thermal solution
ㆍMobile, Automotive, Connectivity
ㆍAP, AI, MCU, Sensor, Memory
ㆍIoT Module