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nepes Smart Window Solution

Smart film or switchable film is a film whose light transmittance and heat blocking are altered when voltage is applied.



items 24mm glazing 24mm glazing + smart film
Tvis(%) 78 53~5
Tuv(%) 51 < 1
U-value(W/㎡K) 2.7 1.9
SHGC 0.7 0.4 ~ 0.2
ㆍSmart film for construction
Privacy glass for residential and office applications, day lighting control and glare control windows and energy-saving panels.

ㆍSmart window for Transporation
Rearview mirrors, lightcontrol and privacy windows in luxury cars, boats, trains and aircraft, car sunroofs and sidewindows

goggles, displays for PCs, tablets, and e-book readers