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The ecosystem to correctly embody various innovative ideas, and quickly judge and industrialize the market value of the ideas is becoming the driving force for developed countries including the US to lead the way in creating new markets. In order to realize this ecosystem, a creative industrial paradigm should be accompanied, escaping from the traditional methods, and the fundamental keywords that enable this paradigm are the very ‘collaboration' and ‘open source hardware'.

NM500 - Neuromorphic Chip(Pratical Artificial Intelligence Enabler)

The NM500 is a neuromorphic chip opening new frontiers for smart sensors, IOT, machine learning and cognitive computing. Its neurons can learn and recognize patterns extracted from any data sources such as images, audio waveform, bio signals, text and more, with orders of magnitude less energy and complexity than modern microprocessors. NM500 neurons are especially suitable to cope with ill-defined and fuzzy data, high variability of context and even novelty detection. Last, but not least, the NM500 is a Wafer Level Package (64 WLP) which can be easily assembled into a network from thousands to millions of neurons, or integrated into an application-specific multi-chip module or 3D stack.

Development of Open Source Hardware Platforms
The F.I business department owns the open source hardware platform product lineup targeting elementary/middle school students, high school/university students, the general public, and professionals, and is providing various hardware platforms needed for development of open source hardware, from electric/electronic basic education to professional maker product workshop and startup product development, for domestic and foreign markets. And it is trying to consolidate its position as a global brand by providing product quality and after-sales service that meet its title ‘Korean Arduino'.
ㆍOrange Board (Korean Arduino compatible board)
ㆍGenius Kit (Arduino educational tool kit)
ㆍDotDuino (Subminiature Arduino set for professionals and industrial use)
ㆍConductive Pen (Electric/electronic basic educational kit for elementary and middle school students)
Open Source Hardware Contents Platform Service
The F.I business department, by establishing the ‘open source contents platform' service called ‘KocoaFab.cc', is helping domestic potential makers easily advance into the world of open source hardware and create new opportunities of success based on its possibility.
ㆍ Provision of Korean open source hardware DIY professional contents
ㆍ Maker community management
ㆍ Establishment of the virtuous circle utilization structure for valuable contents
ㆍ Absorption of makers' prototype results as contents
ㆍ Playing the central role in the distribution information of parts and products for creative activities of
__.open source hardware DIY
ㆍ Promotion of domestic makers' creative results in foreign markets
Open Source Hardware Education
The core topic of the technological innovation of the future society is opening and collaboration. The purpose of the open source hardware education, based on the ICT-based IoT (Internet of Things) capability, is to cultivate creative talents who can display collaboration and opening, innovation and challenge, and creative spirits. By combining the open source hardware platform produced by using Nepes's own technology with education, we are trying to let more people have an interest in various technologies and paradigms such as open source hardware, IoT, smart devices, etc. This education runs in a practical way by using exclusive kits developed and produced by Nepes, and has a special meaning in that it contains all the items below, not stopping at simple technical education.
① Cultivation of Korean future talents,
② National development in the OSHW industry,
③ Creation of new employments in the information technology area, and
④ Spread of science education paradigm
Collaboration Education, Organizational Diagnosis, and Consulting

In the rapidly changing business environment, collaborations and interactions among departments, companies, industries, and countries are the only way for our society to constantly grow. Therefore, growth and development in the future society depend on the possibility to be reborn as collaborative talents and organizations.

Nepes developed collaboration solution ACT with Korea Collaboration Association, and is running education, organizational diagnosis, and consulting businesses for spread of Korean collaboration culture and correct ways of collaboration. Nepes has performed collaboration education and special lectures targeting over 200 companies (institutes), and is being highly evaluated for its differentiated contents and professionalism.

Other than education, it has performed collaboration policy researches and collaboration research consulting with major public institutions such as the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy or Korea National Oil Corporation.

S/W Development
The F.I business department is contributing to drawing the practical results of ACT solution by developing innovative mobile apps for ACT solution, and is proceeding with establishment of exclusive coding apps and libraries to secure easy accessibility to the software area needed for development of open source hardware.
ㆍDevelopment of mobile exclusive apps for ACT solution
ㆍDevelopment of coding support applications to use open source hardware more easily and conveniently
ㆍEstablishment of source code libraries for open source hardware

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