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Full Turnkey Solutions of Flip-Chip Bumping, WLP

Since 2001, nepes has been providing bumping and wafer-level package OSAT manufacturing services in partnership with Fabless and IDM customers worldwide. 


nepes offers 8" and 12" wafer services including flip-chip bumping, back-end processing and electrical test.  Our large portfolio of products covers wafer level package (WLP), fan-out wafer level package (FO-WLP),  fan-out wafer level system in package (FOWL-SiP) and 2, 3D modules.


nepes has secured price competitiveness with improved productivity & maintained its excellent physical, electrical and heat emission characteristics through its PLP (Panel Level Package) which a hybrid package manufacturing technology that has revolutionized the mass production experience of advanced semiconductor packaging with the touch screen panel (TSP) production line for LCD.


We have manufacturing sites in South Korea and China and international  sales offices in Santa Clara, CA and Shanghai, China.


nepes' semiconductor market positioning
nepes' semiconductor market positioning
Market & Applications
IoT, TV, Monitor, Notebook
· Display Driver IC
· Finger Print Sensor
· Computing Module

· Display Driver IC
· Application Processor
· Power Management IC
· Audio Codec
· Antenna Switch
· Camera Auto-focusing
· Wireless Charger
· RF IC (etc.)
ADAS, Chassis, Infotainment,
Safety, Powertrain
· Display Driver IC
· Radar Sensor
· Audio Amplifier
· Motor Driver
· Airbag
· Break System


nepes corp.
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T E L : 043-240-8364(KR), 043-240-8442(US), 043-240-8455(JP)
email : semi.marketing@nepes.co.kr, semi.sales@nepes.co.kr