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IT Chemical for Semiconductor & Display
nepes Chemical Division has succeeded in the localization of ultra high purity core materials for Semiconductor and LCD industries. And, nepes also has performed a driving force in the development of the domestic IT industry, too. As our main products, Developer, Etchant, Stripper, Plating materials and Glass cleaner are adopted by domestic major customers. These products show nepes chemical division's advanced technology such as Nano-Dispersion, Interlayer dielectrics and Ultra High purification which are our three core technologies.
  Semiconductor Process & Products
TMAH Developer 
It is the ultra-high purified developer for semiconductor & LCD manufacturing process. It can also be used for etching and cleaning solution on the glass or on the wafer. 
Plating Chemicals  
Nepes handles organic additives and VMSs with specified customer needs which include desired high purity, tight tolerance, advanced device extendibility and preferred process flow. Nepes also supply products for TSV process, too
When semiconductor and LED chip is manufactured, etchant is needed for pattern building on a metalizing layer. Our etchant has a wide range of process margin and is possible to select diversity etching rate. - ITO / Gold(Au) / Copper(Cu) / Titanium(Ti) etchant
Recently In the semiconductor manufacture process, The polishing process is emphasized due to importance of the formation of the multi-layer. Our planarization polishing solutions have a special low impurity and low defect characteristics. - Bare Silicon, Silicon Oxide, Sapphire 
It is for a photo Mask process of semiconductor or TFT-LCD process. Remove or clean the Mask which is contaminated by organic Resist or residue
This product has outstanding cleaning performance at photoresist and organic materials in Semiconductor package process. Remove patterns and PR residue on the wafer.
Containing anticorrosive agent of Cu & Al and it keeps strip ability.
Gap Fill material - SOG 
SOG is Methyl-siloxane-based organic Spin-on-glass coating solution for advanced micro electric devices. It fills the narrowest gaps and significantly planarizes the underlying topography.
   LCD Display Process & Products
Color Filter Developer
It is a developer for color filter manufacturing process in TFT-LCD for developing BM(Black Matrix), RED, GREEN, BLUE, CS(Column space) in photolithography process.
Anti-Fingerprint Coating
It is a specialized coating solution for smartphone's touch screen panel to prevent such as finger prints. It is a wet based simple method for a cost reduction instead of former e-beam or thermal process.
TSP Chemicals-Developer-Etchant-Stripper
Over G1 level TSP(Touch Screen Panel)process has a similar photolithography process like semi-conductor process. During the DES process, DFR(Dry Film Resist) developer, ITO(Indium Tin Oxide) etchants, and DFR stripping solution are used.
Cleaner - Glass cleaner, Etc.
On the surface of LCD glass, optics, and special parts, cleaner removes contaminations such as fingerprint, PR organic residue, and abrasive particles with outstanding cleaning capability. We supply customerized products with long shelf-life, and various types .


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