Nepes supplies bio products which apply nano-Silver coating with Nepes semiconductor process technology
Various bacteria, viruses, and spores in the air move through the dust in the room. Nepes CylverGuard Air Sterilizer not only filters the dust in the air, but also completely removes the harmful substances which adhere to the dust. The CylverGuard is a new-concept air sterilizer.

DeodoriZing effciency 95%, Efficiency of voc removal 96%, Sterilizing efficiency 99.9%(HA-H10/CP-1500D)
This transparent plaster is a combination of a sterilizer and a plaster used for skin surfaces after surgery or light injuries

1) Low-stimulus water permeating adhesive used
2) Water permeation is impossible, and sweat and moisture are evaporated.
3) The center is coated with polynet, which has a sterilizing function.