• CEO인사말
  • CEO약력
Hello! I am Lee Byung-Koo, CEO of Nepes. Thanks to the encouragement and support from our customers over the last 20 years, Nepes has grown as a company in the industry of IT parts and materials, which had previously been something of a wasteland.

Since our company was founded, Nepes has continuously strived to contribute to the development of the national IT industry by working to domestically produce materials that in the past had been import-dependent. By doing such, Nepes took on a challenge that many others were reluctant to take, but all the employees of Nepes recognized it as a key objective and made their best efforts to accomplish this goal. The perseverance of Nepes employees is the factor behind the current success of Nepes.

With the vision of becoming a ‘Company that brings the future through advanced technology and science', Nepes intends to recognize its business structure and strengthen its competitiveness so that we can thrive in the globalized age of unlimited competition and launch Nepes II for our ‘second take-off'. In addition to become a global IT company that leads the world market with the most advanced technology and business products, all of the employees and executives of Nepes will cooperate and work together based on the principles of loyalty and honesty. I believe that Nepes can become a global company for IT key components and materials and a leading Korean company. We ask you humbly for your continued encouragement and support, now and in the future.

Thank you very much.

Lee Byung-Koo, CEO