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Advanced performance electronic materials
· iridos was founded in 2009, as a joint venture between SOLVAY, a Belgian global specialty chemicals group of companies and NEPES, a Korean company specializing in the market of domestic semiconductor and electronic materials. The main products of iridosare Color filter colorant include dye, pigments and color paste for color filter which are core electronic materials used in the process of LCD/LED displays as well as other state-of-the-art materials.

· iridos leading new chemical industry in the field of electronic materials is fulfilling our duties as an integrated-solution provider supplying high values reflecting customers' needs by designing chemical products which customers want based on original technology. 

· According to goal of humanity seeking for development of electronic material industry and green environment, application fields of Color filter colorant  and color paste are expanding further gradually. Especially, products of iridosseeks for realize natural colors showing transparency, which is applied in all the fields of transparent color demanding green environment as well as TFT-LCD color filter of electronic material field. 

Color Paste for TFT-LCD Color Filter
Color paste is pigment dispersion in which red, green or blue pigments that  dispersed in solvent with the size of tens of nanometer using resins.
As a key material for LCD color filter, it is applied to photo-resist so that it can be used for making RGB patterns. The RGB color filter puts each color on the white color of the backlight.
Because the current LCD TV pursues higher brightness and higher contrast ratio, it is necessary to develop the corresponding color paste.
Iridos develops and sells RGB color pastes to suit each application, and currently focuses on developing with blue color paste as its main product to meet the customers requirements.
 Black Paste for TFT-LCD & TSP (Touch Screen Panel)
Black paste is pigment dispersion in which black pigment that dispersed in solvent using resins.
It is developed and applied as a main component of TSP bezel, LCD BCS, and etc. The rapidly growing TSP filed is requiring better black material and also it is necessary to develop proper black material for the BCS field, in order to develop better LCD with low-price and high-performance,
Iridos develops and sells black pastes to suit each application. Especially, high-resistance carbon black is used for TSP bezel, and low-permittivity organic black material is applied to LCD BCS. 




Bezel for OGS
(one glass solution)
TSP (G2)

High-resistance carbon black paste


BCS (BM & Column spacer) for TFT LCD

Low-permittivityorganic black paste

 CBlack Paste for TFT-LCD & TSP (Touch Screen Panel)
Color filter colorant is a key electronic material for the realization of LCD image, and should have high color reproducibility with color purity, transparency, and contrast, as well as heat resistance, light resistance, and chemical resistance.
iridos is actively contributing its efforts to produce and market blue and violet pigments for color filters since its establishment through successful localization of products previously available only from imports. Furthermore, we constantly work on diversifying and improving the specifications of our products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. 
   ■ Blue Pigment Primary Particle Size⇒30~40nm
   ■ Violet Pigment Primary Particle Size⇒ 25~30nm





Mobile/Note PC/Monitor
Color Paste

High-transparent product

Tablet PC

High brightness and high contrast ratio products
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